Development of Downtown

I still get the Ozaukee Press newspaper delivered to my door each week and I say the word “still,” since it is no secret that millennials¬†and generation z are very unlikely to subscribe to their local paper. However, I am in the minority of individuals that likes to crack open the paper in the morning with a cup of coffee to see what is happening in my own backyard. A common theme since my time in Port since 2019 has been the development of downtown and the booming housing market. When we first decided that we were going to look for a home in the area, it was quite exciting to see the new developments that were planned along picturesque Lake Michigan and the immediate downtown area around the marina and Grand Avenue.

Of course there is always opposition to new business development but a unique aspect in town is the idea that new construction would obstruct view from the Lake that many have been accustomed to, especially those who have longstanding roots in town. Understandably, these concerns are justifiable. Being new to the area, I have subscribed to the notion that the immediate area surrounding the Lake and downtown appear from this outsiders perspective to have room to grow. 

I personally am crossing my fingers for a new grocery store downtown, much like my beloved Fresh Thyme Farmers Market when I lived on Water Street in Milwaukee. But, it is a waiting game to see which local businesses will expand, which startups decide to take the leap, and which outsiders will bring their ideas to Port. I am excited to see if Port Washington can take the next step and become a premiere downtown destination for local, travelers, and business owners alike.