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Locally Inspired - Photography & Brand Strategy

A unique gift shop dedicated solely to Wisconsin designers and makers. The management team was looking for a way to integrate a Shopify website into a new platform that was as original as their brand. A new strategy was developed to enhance product photos and create new products.

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Port Washington Heart of the Harbor - Web Design & Graphic Design

 A community wide effort to establish an inviting spot for family and friends to gather at the intersection of downtown and the shores of Lake Michigan. This project featured in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has seen fundraising increase to over a quarter of a million dollars and features several graphic design and web design elements created by Scott. Along with the help of Port Washington Main Street Volunteers, this project is well on it’s way towards becoming a staple of a quickly growing, beautiful downtown area of Port Washington.

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Homestead Soccer

The Homestead Soccer program was looking for a design that would illustrate the idea of a phoenix rising from the ashes. Since the redesign, the team is challenging for a top finish in the very competitive North Shore Soccer Conference.



Oak Creek High School - Rebranding

The Knights had an identity crisis when it came to several interpretations of their logo. Eventually the team settled on an idea that would help incorporate the iconic interlocking “OC” into a revised shield that emphasizes the important of defense. A Knight can lose it’s sword in battle, but will find trouble if they are to lose their shield since they cannot protect the ones around them. The new campaign has streamlined apparel orders, building/facilities advertising, and has strengthened the bond with the community.


Google Local Guides

I have traveled all across the country and have left very detailed Google Reviews of my favorite businesses. 62 photos of my reviews have been viewed nearly 300,000 times on Google.



Northwoods Escape Room

The Northwoods Escape room needed a refresh along with functionality and compatibility with a sister company known as Kickin Axe Up North. The escape room needed to communicate it’s appeal to travelers and community members alike. The promotion of each unique room is key as well as integration with Resova scheduling software.